Punks at the Prom

In the early 90s, a group of London schoolteachers and administrators invited a teenage punk band to play their prom. What were they thinking? 

Story told by Ed Zed, former lead singer of The Walking Abortions

Ed is currently one half of The Casual Sexists. Check out their most recent single, “What’s Wrong With Being Sexy?” and all their music here.

Produced by Matt Elzweig


“You Give Me an Ulcer,” “Where Does Jenny Live,” “Four White Walls,” and “Vision Red,” by the Walking Abortions. (See above for Soundcloud link.) 

“Clown Pain” by Brandy

“Kopassus” by Punkasila

“Maccary Bay ft. Brett VanDonsel” by Kevin MacLeod

“Punk for Fashion” by Psychotic Reaction 

“Reagan Shut Down the Asylums” by Punk Rock Opera

“Two Waltzes, Op. 54 – Dvorak” by Musicians from Marlboro


BBC Sound Effects (various) 

freesound: CAZAPROD, dmstudio, hjohnl, Nosebleed Cinema, LiamG_SFX,  schluppipuppie

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