Falling Uphill – Episode 3 – Center of the Universe

For this Godless Angeleno and his girl, nothing says romance like attending a Geocentrist convention in Indiana.

Richard Chance


Although Lou Perez ultimately chose atheism after a lifetime as a devout Catholic, he remained genuinely interested in people’s beliefs and why they held them. So when he saw that a convention of Geocentrists–those who still believe that the planets and the sun revolve around the Earth, that man and dinosaur walked by side by side, and who favor a literal interpretation of the Bible–would be holding their first ever convention at a Hilton in South Bend, Indiana, he convinced his then-girlfriend that they should fly from California to the Heartland for a weekend of Geocentrist festivities. Could it save their turbulent romance?  



Produced by Matt Elzweig

Story told by Lou Perez (www.louperez.net and @LOUontheSUBWAY on Twitter.

Illustration by Richard Chance


“Beggin On My Knees Live” Frenzy

“Early One Morning (Assassinator Dub)” Hayvanlar Alemi

“Epiphany Chant: Introit – Ecce; Communion – Vidimus; I Vespers Hymn – Hostis Heredes impie” Freetime at University Pompeu Fabra

A Nation of Culls & Weeds” John Badger & The Moustache Riders of Doom

“Workin’ in the Office” Men

“Opening” Raphae

“Chords On The Floor” David Szestay

“Chords On The Floor 2” David Szestay

“Blizzard (PON I)” Kai Engel

“Morbid Imagination” Kai Engel

“Shaman’s Roar” Sergey Cherimisinov

“Satan in the White House” Comfort Cake



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