Falling Uphill – Episode 7 – The Third Degree

A writer crosses into a breakaway republic as an unlikely tourist and ends up a prime suspect.

Curiosity can lead in all sorts of directions. John Dennehy’s passions for history and travel led him to a place called Transnistria. This would prove to be a disaster. In between Moldova and Ukraine, it doesn’t officially exist. It reveres the former Soviet Union and runs its institutions accordingly. When John stepped off the train in Tiraspol, its capital city, he was hoping to experience the closest thing to time travel. By the next day, he was in a police station just hoping he wouldn’t be locked up for a murder he didn’t commit.

Produced by Matt Elzweig

Story told by John Dennehy

Illustration by Richard Chance


“CatTerrogation (how they stay so relaxed)” Matt Burnett

“Desert City” Kevin MacLeod

 “Maccary Bay” (ft. Brett VanDonsel) Kevin MacLeod

“Monsoon Circus Dub” Hayvanlar Alemi

“Ruins of Soviets” Technology of Silence

“Under Suspicion” Lee Rosevere

“Walking Blind in New York” A Paranoid Android


Davidgotskill, Decus



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