Falling Uphill – Episode 9 – Scratching the Surface

Doesn’t dual citizenship mean more freedom of movement?

Augustus returns. 



You may remember Augustus* from Episode 6. He’s a guy to whom things tend to happen and then some. In this case, a pickpocket in Barcelona, a stolen suitcase, and a minor blemish on his passport set off a series of events that put his citizenship and his identity in question. Moments after arriving in San Francisco to catch his connecting flight to school, Augustus finds himself thinking not about how difficult the new semester will be, but whether he’ll be wasting away in a cell on the first day of classes.

*not his real name

Produced by Matt Elzweig

Story told by Augustus

Illustration by Richard Chance


“Being Reviled, We Bless, Being Persecuted, We Endure”  by Hertz – Metek

“Darkness” by Three Chain Links

“Maccary Bay” by Kevin MacLeod

“Lights” by To Eris

“Running from an Evil Force” by Mystified

“Te Quiero” by Mila

“USS Sulaco” by N3rgul


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Falling Uphill – Episode 8 – Blindsided

A straight-A student dreams of career on Broadway. And then her stomach explodes. Yes, you read that right. 


Amy Oestreicher was a gifted high school student who seemed destined for a career on the stage. After what seemed to be a auspicious meeting with a respected mentor to several Broadway stars took a very dark turn, her life began to spiral out of control, culminating in an unheard of medical emergency. She lingered in a coma for months, and when she awoke she was unable to eat or drink. Putting her life back together seemed all but impossible.

Produced by Matt Elzweig

Story told by Amy Oestreicher

Illustration by Richard Chance


“Innamorata” by Glenn Kramer

Uddling” (Piano Makeover) by Garmisch

“Colorless Aura” by Kevin MacLeod 

“Despair and Triumph” by Kevin MacLeod 

“Maccary Bay” by Kevin MacLeod

“Exodus (cover)” by Marcus Eaton

“Interlude – In Anxious Shadows” by Kai Engel

“Glorious Food from Oliver Twist

“Ephemeral (As Time Goes By)” by Karmic Interloper



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Falling Uphill: The Short Version – Rash Judgment

The first short episode of Falling Uphill is here!
Dan woke up one morning and didn’t look or feel right. Fortunately, a doctor had sent a postcard to Dan’s house advertising his services not long before.

Story told by Dan 

Produced by Matt Elzweig


“Ambient Pad” Mizayo 
“Photo Morgana” Nightingale
“Panning Wind Is Ending by Dom Dom” CSoul 


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Falling Uphill – Episode 7 – The Third Degree

A writer crosses into a breakaway republic as an unlikely tourist and ends up a prime suspect.

Curiosity can lead in all sorts of directions. John Dennehy’s passions for history and travel led him to a place called Transnistria. This would prove to be a disaster. In between Moldova and Ukraine, it doesn’t officially exist. It reveres the former Soviet Union and runs its institutions accordingly. When John stepped off the train in Tiraspol, its capital city, he was hoping to experience the closest thing to time travel. By the next day, he was in a police station just hoping he wouldn’t be locked up for a murder he didn’t commit.

Produced by Matt Elzweig

Story told by John Dennehy

Illustration by Richard Chance


“CatTerrogation (how they stay so relaxed)” Matt Burnett

“Desert City” Kevin MacLeod

 “Maccary Bay” (ft. Brett VanDonsel) Kevin MacLeod

“Monsoon Circus Dub” Hayvanlar Alemi

“Ruins of Soviets” Technology of Silence

“Under Suspicion” Lee Rosevere

“Walking Blind in New York” A Paranoid Android


Davidgotskill, Decus



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Falling Uphill – Episode 6 – Father’s Wishes

For this narrator, a return to familiar surroundings is a completely alien experience. 



It’s hard to know where to start when you try to encapsulate Augustus’s* story in just a few pithy lines, so let’s try the beginning: born in the Phillippines to a Filipina mother and an American father, Augustus grew up in a privileged but dysfunctional home. Shortly after graduating college with a degree in philosophy in the US, he finds himself called back to the Philippines, a country to which he never wanted to return, managing a crayon factory for father’s company and being forced to entertain foreign business associates by taking them to brothels. To make things worse, Augustus, the closeted-gay son of an openly-homophobic dad, suffers from social anxiety and feels obligated to participate in everything that takes place in those brothels. At his wit’s end, he makes a last ditch effort at escape by landing himself in another place he doesn’t belong–business school. His father is thrilled of course, but the truth will come out.

*Not his real name.

Produced by Matt Elzweig

Story told by Anonymous

Illustration by Richard Chance


“Creepy Atmo” David Szestay

“Here They Come” Slipper

“Maccary Bay” (ft. Brett VanDonsel) Kevin MacLeod


“Hail to the Chief” (U.S. Department of the Air Force) 


DjDeeJaVu, highz



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Falling Uphill Episode 4 – “The Chairman,” Postscript: “Vito” Revealed (and out of a job)

Up hill ep1_chairman 2

If you listened to Falling Uphill Episode 1 (“The Chairman”), you know that “Vito,” a filmmaker with no college teaching experience interviewed for a job at a small college, and through a series of unthinkable circumstances was named Chairman of the Film Studies Department shortly thereafter.

A few days ago Vito lost his job.

But with every* catastrophe comes a free bag of Gummi Bears. In this case the Gummi Bears are a rambling epilogue delivered by the no-longer-anonymous Chairman (real name: Tom Rizzuto) recorded at Sean Og’s in Woodside, Queens, detailing among other things, how he was hired, let go, why steak fries are called steak fries, and how it’s all related to the Arab Spring. 

*almost every catastrophe

Produced by Matt Elzweig 

Illustration by Richard Chance



Falling Uphill – Episode 3 – Center of the Universe

For this Godless Angeleno and his girl, nothing says romance like attending a Geocentrist convention in Indiana.

Richard Chance


Although Lou Perez ultimately chose atheism after a lifetime as a devout Catholic, he remained genuinely interested in people’s beliefs and why they held them. So when he saw that a convention of Geocentrists–those who still believe that the planets and the sun revolve around the Earth, that man and dinosaur walked by side by side, and who favor a literal interpretation of the Bible–would be holding their first ever convention at a Hilton in South Bend, Indiana, he convinced his then-girlfriend that they should fly from California to the Heartland for a weekend of Geocentrist festivities. Could it save their turbulent romance?  



Produced by Matt Elzweig

Story told by Lou Perez (www.louperez.net and @LOUontheSUBWAY on Twitter.

Illustration by Richard Chance


“Beggin On My Knees Live” Frenzy

“Early One Morning (Assassinator Dub)” Hayvanlar Alemi

“Epiphany Chant: Introit – Ecce; Communion – Vidimus; I Vespers Hymn – Hostis Heredes impie” Freetime at University Pompeu Fabra

A Nation of Culls & Weeds” John Badger & The Moustache Riders of Doom

“Workin’ in the Office” Men

“Opening” Raphae

“Chords On The Floor” David Szestay

“Chords On The Floor 2” David Szestay

“Blizzard (PON I)” Kai Engel

“Morbid Imagination” Kai Engel

“Shaman’s Roar” Sergey Cherimisinov

“Satan in the White House” Comfort Cake



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Falling Uphill – Episode 2 – Smoking Is Good for You

A theater geek gets the callback he never wanted. 

It’s the mid-1960s and actor-director Jeff Bennett has realized he doesn’t have the stomach to pursue a career on Broadway. To make things worse, he’s just received a letter requesting his presence at an Army recruiting station to see if he’s physically fit enough to serve his country in Vietnam. Without enough teaching credits to spare him from what he sees as a pointless conflict and an all-around waste of his time, the only hope for Jeff is pneumothorax, a smoking-related lung condition. With papers documenting his ailment in hand, he reports to the center as instructed, but as he progresses naked through each exam station, no one in authority seems to want to hear about his extenuating circumstance. 



Produced by Matt Elzweig

Story told by Jeff Bennett

Illustration by Richard Chance


“Maccary Bay”  Kevin MacLeod

“Spacial Harvest” Kevin MacLeod

“StompDance” Kevin MacLeod 

“Bronco Romp” Waylon Thornton

“Adders Tongue” Waylon Thornton 

“Goofer Dust” Waylon Thornton

Der Heyser Bulgar” Eastern Watershed Klezmer Quartet

“Cylinder Four” Chris Zabriskie

“Reveille” U.S. Army Bands Online (ABO)/ U.S. Army Bands Audio 

“Dig-Dig-Dig Dig For Your Dinner” Gene Kelly 



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