Episode 1 – The Chairman

All Vito wanted to do was make a little extra cash so he could move out of his mom and dad’s place and take his film career to the next level. This isn’t what he had in mind. 

Up hill ep1_


When Vito* arrived at the interview, his teaching experience consisted of teaching English in Japan for six months and a job as a classroom assistant in a special needs school. Later, after a string of failures at various day jobs, he began working as a cameraman at a small TV station, all the while continuing to pursue his dream of making independent films on his own terms. When the opportunity to teach a video editing class at a for-profit college of mixed reputation came up he applied, for the extra money and because he was growing more and more ambivalent about his job in television. His expectations were low at the outset, but no one could have predicted what would happen when he met with school’s octogenarian president.
*not his real name


Produced by Matt Elzweig

Story told by Anonymous

Technical Assistance by Alex Valle

Illustration by Richard Chance


“Collie Weed”   Kene Busma

“Revoilà le Beaujolais Nouveau”   Dugardin 

“Sieste Ocho”   Suerte

“Mátalas”   Oscar Silva

“Hero”   John Novak

“Fabricated Loony Commune”   Heifervescent

“Forest of Impaled”   Phantom

“Defloration”   Mary Poppins and the Dubitative Sex Toys Boys

“No Wings”   Keffy Kay

“Tense (Parte 01)” & “Tense (Parte 02)”   AlienAqtor, Disorder of Rage (DxOxRx), Flanicx, and Rod Brandao 

“Roc électrqiue à tailler”   Calame 



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