Falling Uphill Episode 4 – “The Chairman,” Postscript: “Vito” Revealed (and out of a job)

Up hill ep1_chairman 2

If you listened to Falling Uphill Episode 1 (“The Chairman”), you know that “Vito,” a filmmaker with no college teaching experience interviewed for a job at a small college, and through a series of unthinkable circumstances was named Chairman of the Film Studies Department shortly thereafter.

A few days ago Vito lost his job.

But with every* catastrophe comes a free bag of Gummi Bears. In this case the Gummi Bears are a rambling epilogue delivered by the no-longer-anonymous Chairman (real name: Tom Rizzuto) recorded at Sean Og’s in Woodside, Queens, detailing among other things, how he was hired, let go, why steak fries are called steak fries, and how it’s all related to the Arab Spring. 

*almost every catastrophe

Produced by Matt Elzweig 

Illustration by Richard Chance