Falling Uphill – Episode 5 – The Extended Engagement

A comedian’s friend books her a gig without telling her — in a country she’s never heard of. 

















Sometimes you get a phone call that changes your life. Mina Liccione got that call while living in San Francisco and wondering what the next step in her career would be. She was already a Broadway veteran and was ready for something brand new. Not long after she hung up the phone, she was on a plane to a country she had never heard of–Dubai–for a gig that a well-intentioned friend had signed her up for, without bothering to get her permission first. It would not be her last trip to the Middle East, and not only would she end up opening a pioneering  comedy school there–she would meet the man who would become her husband, comedian Ali Al Sayed. But how would it all sit with her traditional Italian, Catholic, New York family? A dowry, a boxing promoter, a stuffed turkey, tap shoes, and macaroni and cheese will all play a part.

Produced by Matt Elzweig

Story told by Mina Liccione (http://www.minaliccione.com, http://www.dubomedy.com, @minaliccione on Twitter) 

Illustration by Richard Chance


“Maccary Bay” (ft. Brett VanDonsel) Kevin MacLeod

“Union” David Szesztay

“Ylanlar_Zaman (Yilanlar Zamani)” Hayvanlar Alemi

“Naraina” Kevin MacLeod

“Genghis Dreams on Horseback”  Desert Gears

“Spy Glass” Kevin MacLeod

“Oud Taksim/Batan Gun Kana/Through Years” Sherita

“Christe Adoramus Te” (Claudio Monteverdi) performed by Capella Ducisprovided by Klankbeeld

“L’elisir d’amore, Una furtiva lagrima” (Donizetti) performed by MIT Symphony Orchestra 

“Partytime” Infecticide

“After Party” Asthmatic Astronaut

“Desert Masks” Máscaras

“O Sole Mio” (Eduardo di Capua & Giovanni Capurro) performed by Sisell & Kalle Moraeus

“Habibi Ya Aini” Scott Wilson & Efendi



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