Falling Uphill – Episode 10 – Scratching the Surface

Doesn’t dual citizenship mean more freedom of movement?

Augustus returns. 



You may remember Augustus* from Episode 6. He’s a guy to whom things tend to happen and then some. In this case, a pickpocket in Barcelona, a stolen suitcase, and a minor blemish on his passport set off a series of events that put his citizenship and his identity in question. Moments after arriving in San Francisco to catch his connecting flight to school, Augustus finds himself thinking not about how difficult the new semester will be, but whether he’ll be wasting away in a cell on the first day of classes.

*not his real name

Produced by Matt Elzweig

Story told by Augustus

Illustration by Richard Chance


“Being Reviled, We Bless, Being Persecuted, We Endure”  by Hertz – Metek

“Darkness” by Three Chain Links

“Maccary Bay” by Kevin MacLeod

“Lights” by To Eris

“Running from an Evil Force” by Mystified

“Te Quiero” by Mila

“USS Sulaco” by N3rgul


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