Falling Uphill: The Short Version – Theater of the Absurd


NEW! Falling Uphill: The Short Version

Theater of the Absurd

To actors trying to get work in New York City or anywhere else, acting and staging plays is a labor of love and insanity where every opportunity that presents itself could be that once in a lifetime break, a complete waste of time, or something in between. When Cherry Lou Sy graduated from theater school, she was willing to take almost any gig, even if she found it on Craig’s List. She was still too green to notice several red flags when she agreed to play the role of Juliet in …some sort of Alice in Wonderland-influenced Shakespeare review. When the writer/producer/director/star still hadn’t shown up as the audience began to file in, she realized she would have to take the reins and try to avert a complete disaster. 

Story told by Cherry Lou Sy 

Produced by Matt Elzweig


“Photo Morgana” Nightingale

“White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane (cover) Donna Cedar 

“White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane (cover) Liz Petty


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“Romeo and Juliet” Full-cast performance featuring Claire Bloom, Albert Finney and others; directed by Howard Sackler

“Hamlet” featuring Richard Burton – directed by John Gielgud; produced by Goddard Lieberson