Falling Uphill — Episode 12 — Running on Empty

Brian McCullough avoided even over-the-counter painkillers. But one night, aching from rugby and softball, and with a grad school paper to write, he decided to make an exception. The problem was, there was no Advil or Tylenol to be found in his house. His mother had a prescription, however. She was willing to share it. He may have underestimated its potency. 

Story told by Brian McCullough

Produced by Matt Elzweig


“Maccary Bay” by Kevin MacLeod

“LSD Sky Chefs” by Loachfillet

“Instant Disorientation” by Sound Spread 

“Good Vibes” by JBlanked

“Three O’clock Mother” by Bruce Lenkei

“Night Loot” by Deal the Villain



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